What Are Some Great Tattoo Ideas?

What Are Some Great Tattoo Ideas?

Ideas for tattoos include zodiac signs, insects, steampunk designs and feathers. Other design ideas for tattoos are western-style images, masquerade masks and Day of the Dead images.

Each zodiac sign has a unique symbol and meaning, and getting an astrological tattoo is a way to celebrate that meaning. Zodiac tattoos may incorporate the constellation attached to the sign and its symbol, element or ruling planet. Words that relate to the sign may also be used to represent it.

Examples of ideas for insect tattoos include spiders, butterflies, beetles, dragonflies and ladybugs. A black widow is the most common spider tattoo, as of 2015. Butterflies and dragonflies represent change and rebirth, according to About.com. A butterfly or dragonfly tattoo may be a single image or a group of them.

Ideas for beetle tattoos include ancient Egyptian scarabs and large colorful varieties. Scarabs were believed to guide people to the afterlife and were also a symbol of the sun. Egyptians commonly wore scarab amulets as talismans for luck.

Ladybugs are also a symbol of good fortune. In the pioneering days, British farmers believed that seeing a ladybug was a sign of a plentiful harvest to come. Women in the Victorian era believed that when a ladybug landed on you it meant that a new accessory for the body part the bug landed on would arrive soon.