What Are Some Gray Hair Treatments?

gray-hair-treatments Credit: Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images

There are variety of ways to treat gray hair, including natural or drugstore hair dye, henna, deep conditioners, and silver-enhancing shampoos. Whether intended to cover grays or highlight them, many gray hair treatments exist.

Individuals can view gray hair as both a blessing and a burden. Those who view grays as a burden have to invest in coloring them, and the best coloring option, especially for those who have never colored their hair before, is to make a cut-and-color appointment with a trusted salon. Hairstylists can provide tips on what hair colors complement an individual's skin tone and are able to help their clients avoid damaging their hair. However, to avoid a potentially expensive hair appointment, individuals can visit their local drugstore or department store to purchase boxed hair dye. To keep their hair soft and minimize damage, they should use deep conditioners.

For a less damaging route, natural hair dyes made from henna are available at health food stores or online. Henna comes in a variety of colors, and it is completely plant-based and does not damage gray hair. Another non-damaging option is the Clairol Beautiful Collection for Advanced Gray, a brand of semi-permanent hair color. The Advanced Gray collection is an ammonia-free, moisturizing hair color designed to blend grays into a user's natural color. Lastly, for those who love gray hair and want to enhance it, lines of shampoos and conditioners such as Pantene Pro-V Silver Expressions brighten and nourish gray hair.