How Do You Go Gray Gracefully?

How Do You Go Gray Gracefully?

Go gray gracefully and naturally with a variety of tricks to ease your hair into its natural color as you age. This process takes many months as your hair grows completely gray, but length, temporary color and other methods can help. You need a hairstylist, select beauty products and patience.

  1. Choose a shorter length

    As your gray hair grows in, cut your hair a shorter length to minimize the difference between the two hair colors. This also minimizes the time it takes to completely have a full head of gray hair. Shorter hair signals a fresh look or new start, which can help you feel less conscious of your hair.

  2. Brighten your face

    Take focus off your new gray hair by accenting other features on your face and body. Use brighter colors of clothes or makeup to draw attention away from the hair difference and toward your smile or eyes.

  3. Choose a temporary option

    Go gray naturally by choosing a root color stick or wash-out temporary option rather than a chemical or permanent dye. These can be found as rinses, foams, powders, mascara-like brushes or color sticks. Search for your favorite option and use daily or for special occasions to minimize the contrast of color.