What Are Some Good Wristwatches According to Reviews?

What Are Some Good Wristwatches According to Reviews?

The HD3 Slyde, Seiko Astron, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Devon Tread 1 are excellent wristwatches, according to WonderList.com. Other highly rated watches include the Phosphor E-INK, Polar RS600CX and Azimuth SP-1 Mecanique.

The HD3 Slyde has a sapphire screen and LED touch-screen display. Its light sensor automatically adjusts the display brightness according to surrounding light conditions, and the battery lights indicate when the watch needs charging. The HD3 Slyde has a USB charging port.

The Seiko Astron is a solar-powered stainless steel watch that features automatic GPS-based time zone adjustment. It keeps accurate time even when this feature is turned off, making it safe for use on airplanes.

The Devon Tread 1 is a stainless-steel watch with a lithium polymer battery and patented motor assembly that provides ultra-reliable timekeeping in harsh conditions. A full recharge yields several weeks of battery life.

The Polar RS600CX is a full-featured sports wristwatch. Its features include a GPS system, altimeter, heart rate detection, speed analysis and distance tracking. This watch also measures stride length, and its infrared transmitter syncs recorded data with the user's computer.

The Phosphor E-INK is a digital wristwatch with a leather band and slim profile. Its high-contrast "e-ink" display mimics the appearance of text on paper.