What Are Good Ways to Style Short Hair With a Layered Cut?


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Good ways to style short layers involve adding texture or decorations and using accessories wisely. There are several ways to style short layered hair with bobby pins, headbands, texture spray, curls and braids.

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Bobby pins can create a variety of looks for short layered hair. Make sure the bobby pins stay put by spraying texture spray or dry shampoo on them to let them get a better grip. Use colored bobby pins to create an ombre design, pinning a front section of the hair back to the ear and arranging the bobby pins in a chevron design from light to dark. Use bobby pins that are the same as the hair color to pin back a teased pompadour and faux French twist, or to secure pin curls in an intricate design on the crown of the head. Bobby pins can also easily secure a tiny French braid on the bigger side of a natural part from the crown to behind the ear.

Use a headband to style a short layered cut or go for a Flapper look by crisscrossing ornate headbands over the forehead, smoothing the hair in the process. Create fake bangs or highlight real bangs by using a decorative headband to separate a deep parted bang from the rest of the hair. A bohemian head band or circlet can also adorn textured loose curls.

Use texture spray or create a salt spray and spray it in damp hair to make beachy waves. Alternatively, wrap a curling iron over textured hair, alternating the direction of the curl, for a natural wave.

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