What Are Some Good Ways to Maintain a Goatee?

What Are Some Good Ways to Maintain a Goatee?

Some good ways to maintain a goatee include using high-quality beard trimming tools and using shaving oil when trimming. Another tip for maintaining a goatee is to use a nose hair trimmer for extra precision to shape edges and other delicate areas of the goatee.

To maintain a goatee, use shaving oil rather than cream during shaving and trimming. Shaving cream is opaque and covers up hair during shaving, causing mistakes that ruin the style of a goatee. Shaving oil is transparent so that styling a goatee is easier and more precise.

Cut your goatee symmetrically and keep the outer edges above the smile lines of the face. Cut clean corners, especially at the jawline. Use professional trimming tools such as beard trimmers, combs and barber's scissors to achieve the best result.

Hair grows in every direction, so move the razor or trimming tool in all directions when shaving a goatee. This leads to a neater goatee and avoids strays. Trim nose hairs as well to avoid these hairs interfering with the goatee design. Do not grow stubble with a goatee, as this leads to a messy look.

Wash your face thoroughly to keep a goatee healthy. Hair produces oil, which builds up and causes a greasy appearance. Facial hair also traps shaving oil, so cleansing regularly is essential to remove this as well.