What Are Some Good Ways to Dress up As a Clown?


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The hobo clown, often appearing in tattered clothing, resides at the bottom of the clowning totem pole, while the sequins and suits of a whiteface clown give the aura of sophistication. Character clowns wear make up and clothing of the occupation or person represented, and the Auguste clown appears audacious.

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For a whiteface clown, use white greasepaint to completely cover your face, and follow by painting facial features using black and red paint. Features are grotesque or neat, and the costume is any variation of a suit or one-piece.

With a base face color of tan, red or pink, the Auguste clown has exaggerated facial features that are red or black in color. Use white to outline the mouth and eyes. Clothes are either too small or too large with large prints, bold colors and suspenders.

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