What Are Some Good Ways to Apply Eyeshadow?


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Eye shadow can be applied in many different ways to flatter the wearer's appearance. The way it is applied depends on what look the wearer wants to achieve and what features of the eye need to be played up or toned down. According to Makeup Geek, lighter colors help the eyes stand out; darker ones add depth.

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To make eyes look brighter, apply eye shadow below the outer eyebrow, middle of the eyelid and corner of the eye and then blend. If one has wide-set eyes, applying a darker shade to the inner corner of the lids makes the eyes appear closer together. For close-set eyes, placing the darker shade on the far side of the lid makes the eyes seem further apart. To achieve a balanced look, apply the darker shade to both the outer and inner corners of the lid with the lighter shade in between.

Makeup Geek states that a playful cat-eye shape can be achieved by applying the darker shadow from the middle to the outer corner of the lid in an upward swoop. For a dramatic and daring look, one can apply shadow from the inner corner of the lid, up to the eyebrow. To make eyes appear larger, apply a dark shade into the crease, and finish the rest of the lid with a lighter color. For a classic smoky and sultry look, a dark shadow can be applied to the entire lid.

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