What Are Some Good Topical Creams for Sweat Rashes?


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Calamine lotion, anhydrous lanolin and topical steroids are good topical ointments for more severe sweat rashes, notes the Mayo Clinic. Try to avoid other creams containing petroleum or mineral oil as these can block the pores even more.

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Mild cases of heat rash usually clear up in 3 to 4 days, notes WebMD. It may not be necessary to apply any lotion to these cases, and application of the wrong one may just irritate it further.

Itchy, discomforting rashes benefit from the application of Calamine lotion. Using anhydrous lanolin may help prevent new rash spots from forming and could prevent future duct blockage. When heat rash doesn't get better or is very severe, patients may need a prescription topical steroid to reduce inflammation and encourage healing.

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