What Are Some Good Tips for Packing a Suitcase?


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Tips for packing a suitcase include knowing when to roll versus fold clothes, layering items, tucking accessories around the perimeter and putting small items inside larger items. Limiting the amount of clothing packed helps conserve space to make packing easier. Find items that serve multiple purposes, or skip the extra clothes that you probably don't need.

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Knit, wool and cotton clothes tend to wrinkle less than other fabrics, making them ideal for travel. Roll soft clothes tightly to conserve space. Fold stiffer fabrics and garments, such as dress shirts, dress pants and blazers, to reduce wrinkles.

Pack the rolled clothes in the bottom of the suitcase, followed by a layer of the folded clothes. Dry cleaning paper or plastic between the folded garments helps prevent wrinkles. Place shoes in a separate bag, or place them with the soles away from clothes so they don't get everything dirty. Put small electronics, chargers, jewelry and other small items inside the shoes for protection. Leave the items you'll need first on top so you can access them easily when you arrive.

Toiletries should go in a separate bag. Pack them in a resealable plastic bag in case of leaks. This keeps the liquids from damaging all of your clothes. Use smaller bottles than you use at home to conserve space in the suitcase.

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