What Are Some Good Tiny Tattoo Ideas?


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Birds, hearts, single or sequences of stars, lips, initials, single words, anchors, roses, butterflies and even small ghosts are some ideas of small tattoos. Some people get tattoos with the outline of a common object like a heart or a bird, while others get tattoos with words like "love" or "hope" written in script. Small tattoos can be placed horizontally or vertically, and appear behind the ear, in the ear, on wrists and ankles, on the neck and even on the fingers, hands and feet.

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Some people choose tattoos representing an aspect of their personal lives. Astrological signs, date of birth in roman numerals and favorite quotes or bible sayings are some examples. Other designs include a cross or religious symbol and even a family shield.

Animal and non-human images are other ideas. Small ghosts create fun and spirited tattoos. Birds, such as cardinals and bluebirds, may symbolize freedom and flight and show that someone has overcome a personal difficulty. Butterflies may represent peace or transformation, while dolphins can symbolize wisdom, health, intuition and personal well-being.

Celestial objects are other options for tattoos. For dramatic effect, some people get series of stars or comets. Moons, either alone in crescent form or accompanied by stars, are another idea. Planets, including Earth and Saturn, peace signs and constellations are also options.

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