What Is a Good Tattoo to Represent Determination?

There are many designs to consider for the person looking for a tattoo that represents determination. Dragons are often used, particularly by men, to represent strength and courage, key attributes of determination, according to Dragon Lady Tattoos. Women may use dragon tattoos to symbolize strength and the role of protector of life.

A tattoo of a koi fish that includes running water represents the determination to attain goals in life and overcome adversity. Dragon koi tattoos symbolize the journey of the koi fish up the Yellow River, where it transforms into a dragon at the end of its journey, a trip that certainly echoes determination.

Although phoenix tattoos most commonly represent resurrection, determination can be another interpretation of the phoenix. The Romans placed the phoenix on their coins to symbolize the "undying Roman Empire".

Dragon Lady Tattoos states that eagle tattoos, especially in combination with military tattoos or tattoos that represent patriotism, often signify determination. Military tattoos alone strongly symbolize the values of determination, commitment and courage.

Bullseye Tattoos suggests using certain tribal tattoos to represent determination. Characters in both Chinese and Japanese also represent determination.