What Are Some Good Tattoo Ideas for a Mother and Daughter?


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Tattoos are a great way of commemorating the bond between a mother and daughter. Symbols of motherhood, love, and references to specific memories, or values, are great ideas for mother-daughter tattoos.

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An illustration of a mother and daughter intertwined is a beautiful and popular choice for many women and their mothers. Additionally, designs with hearts clearly signify the love that is between a mother and daughter, as seen on CreativeFan.com.

If a family is religious, matching tattoos that illustrate a symbol of faith, like a cross or the Star of David, is a great reminder of the spiritual significance in a family. Flower tattoos are also a popular option, as seen on CreativeFan.com, as their beauty and delicacy often speaks to the bond between a mother and daughter. Using a personalized design with symbolic, matching flowers, or a birth flower are ideal ways to incorporate this idea into a mother and daughter tattoo design.

Russian nesting dolls are also a fitting option for mothers and daughters. A larger doll symbolizes the mother, while daughters typically choose the same design, but in a smaller size. Generally, any design, text, or object that is meaningful to both the mother and the daughter makes a fitting tattoo.

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