What Are Some Good Styles for Long Hair?

What Are Some Good Styles for Long Hair?

Some good styles for long hair include the blunt cut with or without bangs, layered styles, braids, ponytails, buns and updos. Each style typically begins with one of two basic cuts, either the all one length cut or the layered cut. There are many variations of the layered cut, from a style with just a few layers to styles with many layers.

The blunt cut without bangs is typically parted in the middle. This is a good style for those with straight hair who want an easy-to-care for style that makes their hair look thicker. Add bangs to hide a wide or high forehead. The ends of blunt cuts can vary from a straight trim to a circular u-cut.

The layered haircut is good for those with straight hair and wavy hair. Hair can be layered at the front to frame the face, or it can be layered all over. Add a middle or side part with face-framing layers for a different look. Undercut layers are used to add additional volume to the ends of heavy hair without weighing it down.

Use braids and ponytails to keep hair off the face. Waterfall braids and boho braids are good options for those who want to wear their hair down while controlling the hair around the face, because only a small section of hair around the face is braided. The rest of the hair is left loose.

Wear ponytails high, low and to the side. Hold the ponytail in place with hair accessories or twist hair into a knot at the base of the ponytail. Change ponytails into buns by tucking in the loose hair to secure it.