What Are Some Good Stories About Slipper Rubber Pants?


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Unless telling the story to helps someone overcome or cope with a problem, experts recommend avoiding stories involving rubber pants. At one time, rubber pants were for toilet-training children and incontinent adults, but have been replaced with improved plastic products.

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Rubber pants are generally fetish wear in modern times and normally should not be the topic of stories told outside of therapy sessions or support groups. Telling such a story has the potential to cause the listener to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. It also risks offending a listener who may harbor a secret enjoyment of such gear.

Notwithstanding the listener’s response, telling such a story reflects poorly on the storyteller. It displays a lack of sensitivity and exposes the speaker as possessing questionable judgment and taste. Even if told about an ex-partner or spouse, it shows a willingness to betray someone’s trust after a relationship ends. Unless such stories can potentially help someone overcome or cope with a problem, it is probably best to avoid them.

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