What Are Some Good Sneakers for Knee Pain?

What Are Some Good Sneakers for Knee Pain?

Good sneakers for knee pain provide plenty of cushion to absorb shocks like Asics GEL line, or a stabilizing roll bar, like New Balance 800 series. To find a pair of sneakers that are supportive consider going to an athletic shoe store and getting an assessment, notes Healthline.

Knee pain is a problem for many people, but the right footwear can help alleviate some issues and even stabilize the knee. Stay comfortable and get enough exercise with supportive athletic shoes.

The New Balance 800 Series offers built in roll bars to help keep the rear of the foot from rolling too much. The New Balance 813 provides leather uppers, extra cushioning and motion-control technology.

Asics makes a line of sneakers with gel in the sole for a cooling support, such as the GEL-Quickwalk, GEL-Foundation Walker and the GEL-Nimbus.

A slightly more expensive shoe, but the Brooks Adrenaline and the Glycerin shoe are good for knee pain. Glycerin is built to distribute pressure evenly across the bottom of the boot and Adrenaline offers an extended roll bar to improve stability.

The Puma shoe is lightweight and made with an extra flexible sole. Research done on the Puma H-Street found that the flat footwear reduces the weight on knee joints better compared to other stabilizing shoes that were made with less flexible shoes, according to Healthline.