What Are Some Good Short and Sassy Hairstyles?

good-short-sassy-hairstyles Credit: Tadamasa Taniguchi/The Image Bank/Getty Images

As of 2015, one good short and sassy hairstyle is the boyish pixie cut with textured, uneven bangs that fall just above the eyebrows. Another short hairstyle is an asymmetrical pixie with soft layers that fall to the cheekbones.

As of 2015, another sassy, short hairstyle is a bob with straight bangs. The bob falls just past the chin and is either asymmetrical or blunt cut, depending on the hair texture. Another bob style incorporates heavy side-swept bangs or a bob without bangs that is styled with a low side part. A classic bob style can be cut long enough to create retro waves with a side part.

Another way to style a chin-length cut is to flip out the ends; this is best done with hair that is all one length. A long bob is a universally flattering cut and is cut with long, choppy layers that start at the chin. The long bob looks great when styled with beachy waves. One short style is an update version of the Rachel haircut worn by Jennifer Aniston when she was on the television show "Friends." It is cut to fall between the chin and the shoulders and is voluminous because it has long layers. Another updated short look is a bob with rounded ends but styled with soft waves.

The stackable bob creates layers and extra volume in the crown of the head by stacking the hair in the back. The steps for creating the stackable bob hairstyle includes washing, parting the hair to one side and dividing the hair into small sections before drying it with a blow dryer and medium-round brush. An optional step is to use a flat or curling iron to turn the edges of a few hair strands outward.