What Are Some Good Short Haircuts for Black Hair?


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Some good short haircuts for black hair are the pixie, short layered bob, box braid bob, curly cropped hairdo with swirled bangs and a spiked Mohawk, according to The Right Hairstyles and StayGlam websites. The haircuts also are versatile because there can be different variations of them.

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What Are Some Good Short Haircuts for Black Hair?
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For example, different hairstyle variations of the pixie include spiked, layered, curly, pin curls and with long bangs. Another popular trend is to either highlight sections of hair or dye it entirely in a bold and trendy color like red or gray. This is also an easy haircut to maintain and style.

The bob haircut can also be worn in different styles, including the full head, straight, curly, short layered and side swept bangs bob. The short bob with side swept bangs is a cut that is suitable for different face shapes. It is also fashionable to dye hair in a dramatic color to emphasize this haircut.

Some other popular short haircuts for black hair are Mohawk cuts, box braids and those that emphasize natural curls. Mohawk cuts can be spiky on top and very short at the sides. Another Mohawk style is the platinum blond layered look.

Although all these cuts are good for black hair, it is also important to consider facial shape when choosing a haircut. For example, a pixie that is layered at the top and straight at the sides can be suitable for a heart-shaped face, notes InStyle.

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