What Is a Good Remedy for Itchy, Dry Eyelids?


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A treatment for dry, itchy eyelids is the application of creams and gels that are specifically designed for use on the eyelids. Another good treatment is to gently wash the eyelids with baby shampoo, and wash the eyelids clean. A dermatologist can provide recommendations on other treatments.

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The use of general moisturizers and lotions is not recommended. Ordinary lotions are not designed to be placed around sensitive areas of the body, such as the eyes. It is also recommended that a person suffering from dry, itchy eyelids discontinues the application of makeup to the affected area until the condition improves. The face should be cleaned twice a day. The best time to do this is just before bed and before applying makeup. Before washing the face, the hands should be cleaned with antibacterial soap or gel.

Dry and itchy eyelids occur because a number of underlying problems. A few of these underlying issues may be serious, such as Sjogren's syndrome. Other issues that can cause dry and itchy eyelids include allergies and the use of products, such as shampoos, cosmetics, hair dyes and eyelash curlers. Eyelash curlers usually cause eyelids to become dry and itchy only when a person is allergic to nickel, as most curlers include nickel. Psoriasis and eczema can also be a cause of dry itchy skin, not only on the eyelids but in other areas of the body.

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