What Are Some Good Remedies for Dry and Cracked Feet?


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Some good remedies to relieve dry and cracked feet use vegetable oil, rice flour, lemons or bananas as their main ingredient, explains Top 10 Home Remedies. Each of these remedies requires simple preparation and application.

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A simple technique that provides results by repeating for a few days is to soak the feet and scrub them with a pumice stone before coating them with vegetable oil and covering the feet with socks overnight, reports Top 10 Home Remedies.

A remedy that helps with exfoliation of dead skin to prevent cracked feet involves mixing a handful of rice flour with a few teaspoons of honey and apple cider vinegar and mixing until it becomes a paste, details Top 10 Home Remedies. After soaking, the feet should be thoroughly scrubbed with the paste, and the process repeated before washing and drying the feet thoroughly.

The acid in lemons helps soften skin and prevent cracking in the feet, advises Top 10 Home Remedies. The process calls for soaking feet in warm water with lemon juice and then scrubbing them with a pumice stone. Ripe bananas offer great moisturizing properties for the feet. The bananas must be mashed into a paste, applied to the skin and left for fifteen minutes, so the skin can properly soak up the nutrients and moisture.

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