What Are Some Good Places to Sell Jewelry?

Good places to sell jewelry include pawn shops, directly to other individuals and to jewelers. Where and how to sell personal jewelry depends on several factors, including the type of jewelry, its value and how quickly the money is needed.

Selling jewelry to a jeweler or other dealer is a good option if much of the value of the piece is tied up in the gemstone. Used jewelry generally retains less value than brand-new jewelry, however, so many people choose to sell their pieces directly to another individual, who might value the piece more than a dealer due to aesthetic or emotional reasons. Pawn shops offer quick sales, though they also often offer lower prices than other options. Online auction sites offer buyer and seller protections, but they charge fees for their services.

For selling gold, the considerations are a little different, since the value of gold jewelry is often tied much more into materials than craftsmanship and other aesthetic concerns, especially given the high value of gold as of 2015. Gold can be sold to individuals or pawn shops, and it can also be sold to specialist gold buyers, who melt down the metal and resell it on the gold market.