What Is a Good Outfit for Someone Going to a 1970s Disco Party?


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For male party goers, a good disco outfit would be an open-necked disco style shirt (a shiny polyester top in a brightly colored pattern) paired with bell bottoms, gold chains and platform shoes. For females, a gold or silver lamé tube top with tight pants and wedges would be ideal.

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Although disco fashion is most associated with bell bottoms, platform shoes and outfits made of shiny polyester, sequins and lamé, the 1970s featured a more eclectic look than the decade was given credit for. Also popular were leisure suits for men (a casual, more dressed down version of the business suit) and for women, hot pants, spandex tube tops and wrap dresses. Particularly popular were clothes from the fashion world's hottest designers at the time, such as Roy Halston, Diane Von Fursternberg and Bob Mackie.

To get some further inspiration for a 1970s outfit, browse through vintage catalogues and magazines from the height of the disco craze (1977-1980). Equally good sources of inspiration are vintage television shows and movies from this era--most notably, "Saturday Night Fever," starring John Travolta. Not only was the famous black and white leisure suit he wore a signature look on the disco floor, the dance sequences from the movie showcase many other styles that were popular during the period.

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