What Are Some Good Online Courses on Body Piercing?

What Are Some Good Online Courses on Body Piercing?

Available online body piercing courses include training available from the International School of Body Art and The Piercing Urge Training School. Due to the nature of the training, some hands-on days are required at The Piercing Urge, while the International School of Body Art is entirely accomplished online with the aid of instructional videos, email contact and video examinations.

Every state's health department has specific guidelines for licensing, certification and training for body piercers and operators. Before beginning a course, research local statute guidelines to make certain the online training course chosen meets the specific needs.

The International School of Body Art provides training in the following areas:

  • Tools of the trade: Learn the basic tools that are needed for body piercing and how to use them properly.
  • Piercing needles and dermal anchors: Discover the different sizes and formats for piercings.
  • Jewelry: Know the different types of jewelry and the best jewelry for specific piercings.
  • Sterilization: Learn the proper sterilization techniques to operate in a hospital-grade environment.
  • Aftercare and consent: Gain an insight into the paperwork and aftercare process to help with smooth operation of follow-up procedures.
  • Setting up a workstation and piercing area: Learn the best way to organize a clean, productive workspace with tips on what items are needed.
  • Specific piercings: View demonstrations and tips for nipple, dimple, nape and other common extreme piercings.

As of September 2015, the cost of a comprehensive body piercing training course starts at $500.