What Are Some Good Name Tattoo Designs?


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Good name tattoo designs include names within infinity signs, names connected to a heart, names written on rings and just the name without any additional details. Ways to enhance name tattoos include adding shading or coloring.

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Tattoos with an infinity sign can include one or more names within the infinity sign, with two names being a common choice. The infinity sign works well for parents that want to pay tribute to their children or couples that want a tattoo representing their eternal commitment to one another.

The heart is a symbol of love with a variety of tattoo design options. The artist can also combine a heart name tattoo with another design, such as a butterfly or bird. Names written on rings are a good choice for couples, particularly married couples.

Those who want a simple name tattoo can opt for just the name. A variety of font options are available for tattoos. Adding color makes the tattoo more eye-catching. The artist can use color on the entire name or use it to highlight part of the name. When done correctly, shading also makes the tattoo stand out.

Common placements for name tattoos include on the chest next to the heart and on the ring finger, both of which are common for couples.

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