What Are Some Good Methods to Exfoliate a Baby's Feet?


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The most common method of exfoliating a baby's feet or other dry areas is to gently clean and massage the area with a soft washcloth during bath time. Many environmental factors and internal conditions can affect an infant's sensitive skin, so it is important to discuss any dryness or rashes with the child's doctor.

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Compared to adult skin, an infant's skin is much more vulnerable to heat, bacteria, UV rays and environmental allergens. Harsh exfoliation techniques or exfoliating lotions made for adults can be extremely irritating to a baby's sensitive skin and end up worsening the problem. Though severe dryness, redness and rashes should be discussed with a doctor, many cases of mildly dry or flaky skin can be treated at home using gentle methods. Overstock.com offers some general tips for baby skincare, including only using products that are designed for babies and protecting the baby from the sun with clothing or infant sunscreen. For bathing, it is important to use the right tools, such as a soft washcloth and a soft baby brush, and to avoid bathing the baby too frequently.

BabyCenter.com offers more detailed information about preventing and treating an infant's dry skin. Some of the tips include shorter bath times, running a humidifier, keeping the baby hydrated and regularly moisturizing with a gentle formula made for infants. If at-home efforts to treat a baby's dry or flaky skin do not work or if the baby is showing signs of discomfort, parents should visit a doctor to discuss possible causes, such as eczema and ichthyosis, and further treatment options.

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