What Are Some Good Memorial Tattoos I Can Get in Memory of My Best Friend?


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According to Tr? Miller Rodr?guez, writing for Modern Loss, some of the most remarkable memorial tattoos for best friends are those that incorporate unique parts of the departed's personality or life. Such tattoos offer a better memorial than a simply "in memory of" followed by the person's name.

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One example is to incorporate the best friend's signature into the tattoo. Displaying a name in the style of the person's handwriting makes the tattoo more personal and distinctive. To add to this effect, choose a signature from a document of significance to the deceased, such as his marriage license.

Another unique memorial tattoo is a depiction of sound waves from the deceased. To create this, a recording of the deceased's voice is required. The recorded message can be as simple as "hello." Use computer software to print a visualization of the sound wave, and have that wave tattooed somewhere large enough to represent it, such as an arm.

One more unique memorial tattoo is to choose an image that held special significance for the deceased. This might be a painting or photo that the friend loved. A tattoo of an image that the deceased identified with is a great way to honor him.

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