What Are Good Medium-Length Haircuts for Women With Round Faces?


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Many medium-length haircuts can be flattering on women with round faces, including symmetrical and asymmetrical long bobs, shag cuts, straight and side-swept bangs, and universally flattering shoulder-length cuts. Photo galleries of complementary hairstyles for round faces are available at the websites About.com, The Right Hairstyles for You, Latest-Hairstyles.com and Redbook.

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When selecting a haircut based on face shape, the goal is to find a style that creates the illusion of an oval face, which is the most versatile shape. In keeping with this general rule, the most flattering haircuts for round faces are those that add length to the face, either by leaving length at the ends to emphasize vertical lines, creating volume on top for additional height, or cutting in a set of bangs to add angles and distract from round features.

Of the photo galleries of flattering haircuts for women with round faces, only The Right Hairstyles for You provides a gallery of exclusively medium hairstyles and haircuts, including a number of up-do styles and many gorgeous cuts that fall between the chin and the collarbone. The photo gallery at About.com features 30 haircuts of many lengths that can complement a round face. Each picture is accompanied by helpful styling tips and an explanation of which parts of the style work for round faces. The galleries at Latest-Hairstyles.com and Redbook also offer a number styles for round faces and styling tips for each cut.

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