What Are Some Good Long Hair Styles for Girls?

Some long hairstyles for girls include tousled waves and straight hair with a center part. Long hair may also be worn in loose curls with bangs for a retro look, or with a side part and choppy layers for a more modern look. Naturally curly or textured hair can also be worn long by styling it into numerous narrow braids.

Long hair may be worn down, pulled back or styled in an updo. As of 2015, most of the popular pulled-back styles incorporate braids rather than ponytails. Some common braid styles include the waterfall braid and the French braid, both of which can be done on most long hair types. Long hair can also be pinned back to keep it away from the face but allowed to hang loose down the back. This is a more formal style that still allows the wearer to showcase her long hair.

Properly maintaining long hair is an essential part of styling. Long-haired girls are advised to avoid combing long hair when it's wet to reduce breakage and split ends and use satin pillowcases to reduce static and keep long hair more manageable. Finally, getting long hair trimmed regularly keeps it easy to manage and prevents it from overwhelming the wearer's face.