What Are Good Layered Bob Hairstyles for Black Hair?


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Methods of altering a layered bob hairstyle include adding heavy bangs, wide highlights and extra curls. Variations of the bob include an A-line hairstyle and an asymmetrical cut.

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What Are Good Layered Bob Hairstyles for Black Hair?
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As of 2015, one attractive variation of a layered bob incorporates long bangs. The bob is between the chin and shoulders with light layers near the bottom. The bangs are cut to about the tip of the nose and swept to the side.

One way of emphasizing layers in a bob is adding golden highlights. Peekaboo highlights follow the curve of the bob and the layers. For optimal affect, the streaks should be thick, and hair should be flat ironed.

If a classic bob has shaggy layers all over, it's possible to curl it all over. With this style the bangs are long and swept to the side. However, instead of maintaining the straightness of the bob, the sides and back get swept into curly feathers.

A classic variation on a bob is the A-line, which is shorter in the back and angles forward toward the face. Hairstylists can use the razor to cut a few layers in the front, which allows for a more chunky affect to the finished style. Bobs can also be cut asymmetrically with layers in the front. An asymmetrical bob can be curled or flat ironed straight.

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