What Are Some Good Ideas to Style Thick Hair?


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Thick hair is easier to style if it has been cared for properly, which consists of washing it every other day, using a weekly hair mask, using hair oils, using organic shampoos and using a large paddle brush, according to Women Hair Styles.

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Short hair cuts do not tend to flatter thick hair, unless it is a very short pixie cut, according the Women Hair Styles website. It is recommended that women with thick hair go for mid to long hair cuts, which helps keep thick hair weighted down and keep it from sticking out awkwardly. Thick hair also lends itself to layering. This helps to give hair flexibility and helps one's hair to look lighter. In addition to layers, having one's hair thinned or texturized helps increase the managability of hair styles, according to Hair and Makeup by Steph. Braids, low pony tails and buns are daily styles that are suggested for thick hair.

Thick hair should not be over-conditioned at the roots, as this can lead to hair looking limp and greasy. Thick hair styles look fuller and more luxurious if a volumizing spray is used at the roots prior to styling. Hair and Makeup by Steph recommends blow drying one's hair while upside down and then putting hair in a high pony tail for a while to help set the style.

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