What Are Some Good Ideas for Christian Tattoo Art?


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Some ideas for Christian tattoo art are stylized words from the Bible, stylized Hebrew phrases, crosses and the Jesus fish. Other ideas are tattoo depictions of famous Christian art pieces and other Christian symbols, such as the dove and angels.

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Examples of words that can be used in Christian tattoo art include "Jesus," "peace," "grace," "holy," "blessed" and "joy." Other ideas for words are "love," "divinity" and "Jehovah." Many people have favorite verses and phrases from the Bible that can be translated into tattoo art. John 3:16 is an example of a popular Bible verse for tattoos, according to Tattoo Me Now.

Christian tattoo art of the Jesus fish and crosses can be simple or intricate designs. There are many meanings associated with the fish symbol, and a tattoo design with the fish can incorporate other elements, such as words, Bible verses or stylized embellishments. Tattoo crosses can be designed to look like wood or stone. They can also include other Christian symbols, words or Jesus.

Christian art pieces, such as the Last Supper or icon paintings, are often done in portrait style for tattoo art. Famous images of Jesus, well-known angels or saints are all good options for tattoo art.

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