What Are Some Good Hand-Painted Nail Art Designs?


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Hearts and flowers are popular designs for hand-painted nail art. Other good designs are based on lines, polka dots and other patterns that are relatively easy to do.

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Hearts are a simple design that can serve as the base of hand-painted nail art. Painting hearts involves using a small brush to create two small dots connected with a V-shape. It's possible to use the hearts in a garden motif by adding stems and leaves as if they're flowers.

Making actual flowers can be a little more involved. One option is starting with a line brush to make random lines out of green paint. These are the stems. White paint in tear drop shapes serve as the petals. Blue stripes and yellow dots accent the flowers.

For a more stained glass look, the first step is creating black outlines both for the stems and for the petals. From there, it's just a matter of filling in the petals and detailing them with blue.

Polka dots can be a simple nail art addition to any color of nail polish. However, one chic option involves painting polka dots just below the white stripe in a French manicure.

Hand-painted bows are another option for bi-colored nails. This involves using a lining brush to draw curving lines topped in a bow between the two colors.

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