What Are Some Good Hairstyles for White Hair?

What Are Some Good Hairstyles for White Hair?

Some good hairstyles for white hair include a layered bob, elegant up-do, soft curls, bangs and a short haircut. These hair styles add volume and thickness to the white hair. Also, consider getting high- or low-lights.

A layered bob is suitable for hair of medium length, whereas a simple layered hairstyle is more appropriate for longer hair. To cut a layered bob, cut the hair length just beneath the chin and leave the layers longer.

To get a layered cut, allow the hair to grow beyond the shoulders, trim to remove split ends, and cut into several layers. Cut the layers, particularly around the face area. If desired, introduce bangs on the forehead. These help to take the attention away from wrinkling skin.

The layered cut can be maintained in straight hair or in hair with natural curls. If desired, introduce large, soft curls in straight hair by moisturizing and blow drying the hair when rolled around a large brush. Alternatively, use large-sized hot rollers.

Hairstyles that add volume, particularly on the top, draw attention upwards and away from aging skin. Some such hairstyles include a chignon or a French roll that can make the individual seem elegant and sophisticated. The upsweep hairstyle offers both volume and height, thus making the person appear younger.

Another good hairstyle is a short cut with medium, soft curls. To curl short hair, roll the layers into medium to large-sized rollers for a few minutes, and brush the curls out with a large brush to add volume. If introducing bangs, use a small-sized roller.

Getting low- and highlights make the transition to white hair more graceful.