What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Thin Hair?

good-hairstyles-thin-hair Credit: Letizia Le Fur/ONOKY/Getty Images

The choppy bob, pixie cut, A-line bob and rough ponytail are good hairstyles for women with thin hair. Other styles that flatter this hair type include thick braids, updos and styles with internal layers.

The A-line bob is a convenient style that can be customized for all face shapes. Long bangs lengthen round faces, while shorter bangs flatter women with longer faces. This style is particularly suitable for busy women who do not have the time to curl or straighten their hair every day.

Thick braids and rough ponytails are tousled styles that add texture and volume. Updos also camouflage thinness, especially when paired with chunky pins, hair clips or other accessories.

A short bob is styled by first allowing it to air dry and then parting it to the side. Next, the hair is flat ironed starting at the nape and moving forward. A good product to use for this style is one that fights frizz and keeps hair soft.

A long bob is styled using a blow dryer and volumizing products. Hair is flipped upside down and blow dried until nearly dry, then flipped back up and finished with a large, round brush. The best product for this style is a volumizing mousse that is used sparingly so the hair is not weighed down.

A blunt cut and shoulder-length style is blow dried using a paddle brush and then flat ironed in small sections to keep the look sleek. When the cut includes bangs, they are ironed into a deep part. The best products to use for this hairstyle protect hair from heat, add shine and fight frizz.

A long cut with light, face-framing layers is dried using a paddle brush. Hair is flipped out at the ends using a large barrel curling iron, then the curls are broken up using fingers or a large-tooth comb. The best product for this style is a light hair spray to keep hair weightless.