What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Thick, Course Hair?


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Individuals with thick coarse hair have many styling options including loose natural styles, dreadlocks and straightening. As with any hair type, proper health and care is also essential.

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Twist-outs are a good option for those who embrace their natural, coarse hair. They allow hair to flow loosely while providing a convenient way of styling. The best twist-outs occur when the stylist uses the correct products. Shea butter, essential oils, vegetable glycerin and pure water make twist-outs look their best and extend the amount of time they last.

Dreadlocks are also a good styling choice for those with coarse hair. Dreadlocks tend to develop fastest in thicker hair because this hair type tangles more effectively than thinner or straighter hair. Interlocking, palm-rolling, free-forming, and comb-twisting are all different methods of installing dreadlocks. However, dreadlocks can be very hard to remove. Some people spend a significant time attempting to comb them out, while others cut them out.

Thick coarse hair can also be straightened. When straightening hair, it's important to use products that help against heat damage. One can straighten hair with flat irons or a pressing comb, which give temporary results. Chemical relaxers give more lasting effects but must be re-touched often.

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