What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Someone With an Oval Face?


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Because of their proportions, people with oval faces look good with most hairstyles of various lengths, though layered cuts typically look best. The length and style of a good cut depend on the type of hair as well as neck shape and body type.

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People with oval faces have more flexibility with hairstyles than people with heart-shaped or square faces because of the lack of angles they have to compensate for. A classic cut for an oval-faced individual is a medium or long cut with layers starting around the chin. Cuts with extremely long strands in the front prevent hair from having movement and often look juvenile and child-like.

Because oval faces have a shape that looks good with most hairstyles, people should move their focus to their neck and what hair styles complement that part of the body. Thin necks look great with short cuts, both choppy and sleek. Longer styles draw attention away from stockier, shorter necks. Wavy layers that frame the face have the same affect.

Generally, side parts or asymmetrical styles look good with oval faces because they prevent the face from looking longer than it already is. Styles with and without bangs are all flattering, though bangs should end at the far corner of the eyebrows. With bangs, high ponytails are a stylish option for the oval-faced individual. Without them, low ponytails are a more flattering style.

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