What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Natural Curly Hair?


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Some good hairstyles for natural curly hair include the pixie cut, the Afro, the long bob, the curly shag and long layers. Long hair with short layers is flattering on thick, tight curls for a very curly and full natural look.

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The pixie cut is flattering to most hair textures, including curly hair, and is a low-maintenance style. Women with curly hair who want to try this look should ask a stylist for a graduated pixie cut that is longer on top to allow the hair texture to look its best. Another choice for natural, tight curls is the updated Afro. Tight curls give the Afro volume and fullness. Women interested in this cut should ask a stylist for a cut that is round at the top and tapered at the ears, hugging the jaw line.

Long bobs are flattering on every face shape and for every texture. Women interested in this cut should ask a stylist for a wedge cut with shorter layers in the back and longer layers around the face to maximize movement. Shorter layers in the back can become frizzy, but a humidity control product helps keep locks smoother. A curly shag is fuller at the roots of the hair but thinner at the ends and requires a glossy pomade to keep it looking smooth. Long layers weigh tight curls down enough to make them look softer and more manageable.

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