What Are Good Hairstyles for Medium-Length Black Hair?

good-hairstyles-medium-length-black-hair Credit: JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

A good hairstyle for medium-length black hair is defined, polished barrel curls that add a lot of volume. Another flattering style is a loosely curled updo for relaxed hair.

One style that creates volume uses natural dense ringlets. This style maintains a person's natural texture and can be worn casually in a messy pattern or smoothed out with product. Micro braids are best for a woman who is transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, but they are only recommended for strong, undamaged hair. For challenging natural texture, keep ends conditioned, trimmed and moisturized, and style with loose waves in a toned-down Afro shape.

A medium-length bob works well with straightened hair and bangs, especially for women with triangular or round faces. Tending the hair with Moroccan oil helps keep it sleek and tidy.

Soft curls styled with a partial updo is an excellent choice for evening or event wear. Using a hair donut helps provide volume at the crown.

For the daring African American woman, shaving the head on one side while wearing the hair long and straight on the other is a provocative style that's easy to manage. Using finishing spray daily provides extra protection and definition.