What Are Some Good Hairstyles for Full-Figured Women?


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Popular hairstyles for full-figured women include the bulky bun and the updo with long diagonal bangs. Other hairstyles for full-figured women include the medium-length voluminous hairstyle and the classic elegant updo.

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One hairstyle that works for full-figured women is the updo with long diagonal bangs. This updo features long side bangs that cross over a portion of the face and make it look slimmer. The tight bun is fixed at the crown with bobby pins and the hair is parted at the side.

Another hairstyle for full-figured women is the classic elegant updo. Kate Winslet is a celebrity who uses this style. The classic elegant updo elongates and thins the face by adding volume to the top of the head via wave crest bangs. The bun section of the updo is positioned at the nape of the neck, which makes the entire face appear longer as well.

The bulky bun hairstyle is a formal hairstyle that suits curvy women by making the silhouette of the face slimmer. The style consists of a high pony tail twisted around the ponytail's base to create a large bun. This style goes well with soft bangs and is worn by celebrities such as Janet Jackson.

The medium-length voluminous hairstyle adds volume using layers throughout the hair and a side part. The curled-up ends of the hairstyle draw the eyes outwards and the asymmetrical part flatters a round face shape. Oprah Winfrey wears the medium-length voluminous hairstyle.

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