What Are Some Good Haircuts for Thin Hair on the Top?


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If the hair thinning on top is moderate, a tapered cut works well. In this style, the hair is cut shorter further down, ending in a near-buzz cut. When thinning is advanced, a short, neat trim is best. The buzz or military cut is also an easy-to-maintain option.

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In the tapered cut, removing volume lower down makes the remaining hair on top appear fuller. The modern mohawk works similarly. Here you brush the hair towards the center and forward, which distracts from the absence of hair towards the sides. David Beckham, man of many hairstyles, has chosen a cut that is slightly longer on top and then swept back to create root lift now that his hair is thinning.

Other grooming options for the man with thinning hair include hair lightening and growing a beard. Facial hair detracts from what is going on top the head, while men with light to medium skin tone will find dyeing their hair lighter or highlights flattering. By lessening the contrast between hair and scalp color, hair loss becomes less obvious.

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