What Are Some Good Hair Styles for 60-Year-Olds?

Some good hair styles for 60-year-olds are voluminous short hair, an elegant short A-line cut and a short bob. Other forms of bobs are good choices for 60-year-olds, including a layered bob and a textured bob. Regardless of the hair style, experts say one of the basic grooming rules for women aged 60 and older is that hair should be styled away from the face,

A voluminous short haircut, such as the kind popularized by journalist Barbara Walters, is a flattering style for those aged 60 and over. Use a round brush and hairdryer to add volume to hair. The layers are face-framing, while light bangs provide a nice complement to the look. Dying short voluminous hair a caramel color is a popular choice for older women.

A textured bob is a modern hair style choice for 60-year-olds. This style has been popularized by such actresses as Diane Keaton. Some textured hair styles, like Keaton's, are known as "energetic" bobs, meaning that the hair is lively and stylish while still remaining age-appropriate.

An elegant short A-line haircut, such as the one worn by lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, is a universally flattering hair style for 60-year-old women. It's a simple cut with minimal upkeep and styling, yet it always looks polished.