What Are Some Good Gel Nail Designs for Fall?

What Are Some Good Gel Nail Designs for Fall?

Good gel nail designs for fall include solid color nails with a glitter accent nail, leopard print nails, tribal prints and neutral-toned geometric print designs. Fall is a great time to explore different nail designs while using deeper hues, rather than the bright colors characteristic of summer time.

Gel nail polish is a quickly rising trend among nail fanatics. Although this type of polish is slightly more expensive than regular nail polish, it has many perks such as a finish that is longer-lasting and shiny. Fall gel nail polish trends fall into three categories: colors, patterns and textures.

Nail polish colors that are perfect for fall are deeper, brilliant hues that complement the changing fall foliage. Popular colors include cocoa, dusty teal, beige, burnt orange and bordeaux.

Patterns for fall gel nails can reflect the outside or incorporate fall-friendly colors into existing designs. Leopard print is always a favorite. This design is accomplished by placing small dots of polish on a base color and bordering those dots with tiny parentheses in a different complementary shade.

Texture is also a fun way to give nails new life come fall. Try polishing nails in a dark copper color, painting on a fast-dry top coat and letting nails completely dry. Afterwards, use tape or nail strips to divide the nail in half diagonally. Cover the bottom part of the diagonal with a matte top coat. The end result is nails that are one-half shiny and one-half dull.