What Are Some Good Father-Son Tattoos?

Good father-son tattoos are those that depict some aspect of the relationship between the father and son. Religious and military tattoos are common. Father-son tattoos can also indicate a shared interest, such as sports or patriotism.

Sons who come from military families often get a tattoo similar to that of their fathers'. This is common with the standard Marine Corps tattoo of the eagle, anchor and globe. Dog tags that father and son get with both sets of information are another option.

Sons also often get religious tattoos similar to their fathers' tattoos, such as a cross or the Virgin Mary. This is especially common in the Latin community. Also in this community, some fathers and sons get their family name tattooed on their bodies.

Sons who learn to love sports from their fathers sometimes get sport-related tattoos. For instance, checkered flags for car racing are a common shared design. One father-son duo had their Irish family crest, complete with Gaelic wording, tattooed on their calves. National flags are also typical for such tattoos.

Besides tattoos with wording related to military service or a family crest, a common phrase for father-son tattoos is "Like father, like son." In fact, that phrase is sometimes incorporated with a military or sport design.