What Are Some Good Extra Lightweight Brands of Luggage?


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Brands that make good extra-lightweight luggage include Briggs & Riley, Ricardo Beverly Hills, Sausalito and FUL, as recommended by Travel Fashion Girl. Carrying a backpack can also be a good way to pack extra light.

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Some brands make luggage models specifically with lightweight packers in mind. For example, Briggs & Riley's Baseline models are light and easy to expand, according to Forbes. Sausalito's Superlight Executive model is also designed for travelers who want to carry less weight.

The type of luggage can also play a role. Soft-sided bags and rolling duffels tend to be lighter than hard cases, as reported by Consumer Reports. Low denier fabrics are lighter, so they can help reduce overall luggage weight. High-quality low-denier fabrics can still handle wear and tear, so they can still make good luggage options. Reducing the number of wheels on the bag is another good way to cut back on weight. Four-wheeled bags tend to weight the most, whereas wheel-free bags weigh the least. Travelers who find wheeled luggage convenient can opt for two-wheeled models.

A good backpack can make an excellent lightweight luggage option, and can be convenient for carrying through rough terrain. As backpacks have soft sides, they can also be handy for increasing luggage volume. Some good backpack brands include Osprey, Gregory Mountain, Swiss Gear and Lowe, according to Travel Fashion Girl.

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