What Are Some Good Examples of Feminine Tattoos?


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Good examples of feminine tattoos include butterflies, dream catchers, angel wings, dragonflies and hummingbirds. Other feminine tattoo ideas are seahorses, snowflakes and mandalas. Flowers, especially roses and lilies, are great tattoo ideas for women.

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Butterflies are feminine tattoos because they symbolize transformation. The ugly caterpillar transforms into a beautiful, elegant butterfly.

Dream catchers often feature feathers, another symbol often found in women's tattoos. Angel wings evoke a soft, feminine feel and can often serve as a reminder for lost loved ones.

Dragonflies and hummingbirds are bright, nimble animals that evoke a sense of grace and swiftness. Seahorses are a unique tattoo that suit women very well. Snowflakes, mandalas and flowers are feminine tattoos because they represent beauty, uniqueness and symmetry.

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