What Are Some Good Designs for Good Luck Tattoos?

Common good-luck symbols such as four-leaf clovers, ladybugs, horseshoes, wishbones and golden coins are typically used for tattoos. In other cultures, good-luck symbols such as Japanese daruma dolls, Native American dream catchers and the Chinese Maneki Neko or "beckoning cat" are also used.

Ancient Celts believed that finding a green clover with four leaves rather than the usual three was good luck. A tattoo of a four-leaf clover symbolizes luck in love, wealth, fertility, health and fame. Similarly, a Maneki Neko statue or image placed in a home or business brought financial prosperity to the inhabitants, according to Chinese folklore. A tattoo of the "beckoning cat" is thought to bring similar endowments.

A horseshoe is believed to be lucky not because of its placement on the feet of horses, but because it is shaped like the moon. According to superstition, a horseshoe tattoo needs to face up in order to be lucky.

Keys are also a symbol for luck that might make a good tattoo, and keys are even luckier in sets of three. Three is considered a lucky, and even holy, number by some people. Keys bring luck in money matters, health, and love. Rabbit's feet and pennies are also thought to be symbols of luck.