What Are Some Good Deodorants for Sweaty Armpits?


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People with excessively sweaty armpits may benefit from deodorant products that also include antiperspirant properties, notes WebMD. Some antiperspirants that are available over-the-counter include SweatBlock and Certain Dri.

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Although a normal amount of underarm sweat is difficult to classify, a person with hyperhidrosis is someone whose typical sweat production tends to interfere with his daily life, notes WebMD. Such interferences can include frequently changing clothes due to underarm sweat, avoiding shaking hands and deliberately missing social events due to concerns of excessive sweat. Severe sufferers of hyperhidrosis are likely to sweat through over-the-counter antiperspirants. Patients should talk to a doctor about options that require a prescription, or advanced procedures such as botox or electromagnetic treatment to permanently eliminate sweat glands.

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