What Are Some Good Chicos Model Hairstyles?


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Good Chico's model hairstyles are short and medium length bobs with bangs and layers of multiple lengths. These hairstyles can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

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Bobs, both short and medium length, are the typical hairstyle found on Chico's models. These cuts are modern, stylish, and give the impression that the wearer is confident in who she is and the choices she makes. They also highlight the models' facial features.

Haircuts popular with these models have a variety of characteristics. Short, blunt bangs that fall above the eyebrows are common, as well as bangs brushed to the side and hairstyles that are asymmetrically tapered in the front, back or on either side. Texture and definition are often added with short, choppy layers throughout the hair. This also adds a large amount of volume to hair that may otherwise have little natural volume.

Chico's was founded in 1983 in Florida. It specializes in women's clothing and accessories and operates four separate store chains, including White House Black Market, Soma, Boston Proper and the company's namesake, Chico's. These stores specialize in high-end, fashionable women's clothing, lingerie and accessories such as scarves, belts and jewelry. Chico's stores are primarily based in the United States but are expanding internationally as of 2015.

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