What Are Some Good Brands for Expandable Batons?


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Some good brands of expandable are made by manufacturers such as ASP Inc., Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. and PeaceKeeper International, as noted by PoliceOne.com, My-Self-Defense.com and Peacekeeper International. These batons, which are self-defense weapons, can be choice options for law enforcement officers, as noted by the Police One website. However, there are laws in many states, such as California and Texas, that prohibit citizens from carrying or possessing an expandable baton.

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An expandable baton, which is also called a billy or sandclub, is a weapon that is a straight or friction-lock self-defense tool made of steel tubing. These devices are designed to expand for use and are collapsible for carrying. ASP Inc. is one of the first companies to manufacture expandable batons. This company makes friction-lock batons in lengths from 16 to 31 inches, as noted by PoliceOne.com.

Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. also carries expandable batons, which are auto-lock devices with power safety tips. Similarly, PeaceKeeper International makes the rapid containment baton, which is a friction-lock baton that has a greater striking area than the batons made by ASP or Monadnock. These different baton models are used by law enforcement agencies.

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