What Are Some Good Bangs Styles for Big Foreheads?

As StyleCraze points out, full side-swept bangs are ideal for women with large foreheads, as they make the face look more proportioned. Wavy hairstyles that feature bangs that are parted in the middle can also hide a large forehead.

Fringe bangs that fall right above the eye can conceal an ample forehead as well. These bangs can fall directly over the forehead or have a slight side part to accentuate the shape of the face. This style is especially flattering if the rest of the hair is past the shoulders and in long layers.

Feathered bangs that fall to the side of the face also hide a large forehead. This style is particularly appealing if the hair is in a striking color such as blonde. A long side bang with hair that is slightly wavy and layered at the ends is appealing as well, particularly for women with square or heart-shaped faces who want to hide their foreheads.

Straight tresses that are parted in the middle and have a bit of body to them are also ideal for large foreheads. For women with prominent foreheads and an oval-shaped face, a bob hairstyle that is curly and full and falls above the shoulders can divert the attention from the forehead.